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Have You Ever Wondered What Drugs Bollywood Celebs Took?

Throughout the years, we have seen medication and liquor enslavement in numerous performers. While a few big names have been sufficiently striking to acknowledge them, some have shied far from it.

#1 Sanjay Dutt

This is what he has to say about it.

“My journey with substance abuse has been about 12 years. There are no drugs in the world that I have not done. When my father took me to America (for rehab), they gave me a list (of drugs) and I ticked every drug on it because I had taken all of them. The doctor told my dad, ‘What kind of food do you eat in India? Going by the drugs he did, he should be dead by now! I didn’t leave drugs because of my family. I left because I wanted to be out of it. I didn’t want that life. When you start the rehabilitation process, one part is physical – your body breaks down and you feel cold. But the most difficult part comes later, when your mind says, ‘Ab toh tu theek ho gaya hai, ek baar maar lete hain’. That’s when you have to use willpower. ”

#2 Prateik Babbar

Been an incessant guest to the recovery focus and a profession that was definitely not steady, Prateik Babbar has a considerable measure to share. It is troublesome for anybody to open up about how sedate compulsion demolished one’s life. Yet, Prateik did it.

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