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8 Bollywood Celebrities Who REJECTED High-Paying Endorsements For Humanity!

When we talk about brand endorsement we think of a celebrity figurine holding the brand and saying the script that was given to them. Almost always the celebrity never really uses that brand and is only paid to promote a certain brand as a marketing strategy.

Many a times celebrities are also lashed out at for promoting something false and giving fake advertisements for the sake of money and trying to dupe the customers. There are very celebrities who truly care about the viewers and deny to promote something that goes against their moral ground and does not abide by the health-code or doesn’t truly live upto its promises.

Here are 8 such celebrities who turned down major offers from brands only due to their moral grounds and ethics:

1. Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan turned down not one but various luxury product endorsements as the Satyamev Jayate takes up endorsements that are only related to social causes

2. Amitabh Bachahan

The biggest superstar of all times rejected an endorsement that he felt was promoting a dowry-related item. Big B felt that the endorsement would only lead to an increase in the social practice in india

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