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These 8 Questions Related To Sridevi’s Death, Which Can Increase The Problems Of Boney Kapoor

Sridevi’s death was too much shocking because she was very healthy and died due to drowning in the bathtub of just one fit, the condition worsened and sudden death of her suddenly puts everyone in the shocked mind. In the meantime, when Sridevi’s death It was only Boney Kapoor who was present and everyone has sympathy with him but there are some questions which raise the law on him. So let’s say that the question which can bother for Boney Kapoor Are.

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1. As you might have heard in the news that Boney Kapoor wanted to give Sridevi a party but when he came to Mumbai, how did suddenly come to Dubai, did he already advance any advance booking?

2. If Sridevi lost his control and fell into the bathtub, why were not there any scars on his body?

3.Amar Singh says that Sridevi used to drink only wine, so there is no hope that if he sat down on his life, then how was this liquor made by Sridevi or did he drink?

4.Whenever you take a bath in the bathtub, then it is used only in the first place. So when Sridevi was drunk, how was the bathtub ever filled?

5. When Sridevi saw Boney Kapoor in such condition, he called his friend instead of medical help and took help of him, why?

6. Shree Devi had applied water for the night after 10:30 in the night, since then, she does not have any contact with the water, what was happening like this?

7 It is difficult to think of the death of someone drowning in a bathtub, because Sridevi fell into the bathtub, not in the swimming pool.

8. Shree Devi was in the hotel for the last one and a half days, she did not come outside, why?

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