Aamir Khan’s Tough Two Years Training For ‘PK’

Aamir Khan’s Tough Two Years Training For ‘PK’

April 6, 2016 0 By admin

Bollywood stars are known for donning the skin of the characters for the movies. There are few who just live the life of the characters they are signed for as to get the feel of realism at the time of making of the movie. And the one Khan who always made out head turn with his stories of sheer dedication for the perfection is Aamir Khan. 



PK was one of the most challenging movies of Aamir Khan. Right from the subject of the movie to the getup and character requirements. One of the incidents is this when Aamir Khan trained for almost two years to perfect his Bhojpuri for ‘PK’. The other one is Aamir Khan use to eat 10-12 Betal Leaves daily that is 10-12 Paan for that red lips in the movie.

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NOW, this is a perfect example of Perfection!