Bollywood Has Arrived At Anil Kapoor’s Home For Sridevi’s Funeral, But. Here’s Why Her Funeral Delayed!

Bollywood Has Arrived At Anil Kapoor’s Home For Sridevi’s Funeral, But. Here’s Why Her Funeral Delayed!

February 27, 2018 0 By admin

Veteran Bollywood actress Srivedi passed away on 24th February in Dubai with the very first cause of death being revealed as a Major Cardiac Arrest, since then the whole industry including her fans too are praying for her soul and are mourning on her sudden demise. But according to the very recent reports by Khaleej Times and CNN-News18 there was alcohol presence found in Sridevi’s blood and later the news came in with a fake/true forensic report which said that she had drowned herself in her hotel’s apartment bath tub.



According to Khaleej Times in their latest reports they’ve stated that, “Chances of Sridevi’s body being released to her family today are slim. This is after the autopsy report stated that the actor had died due to drowning. While it still says that there is no evidence of foul play, Dubai Police also confirmed that investigations are ongoing and that the case has been referred to Dubai’s Public Prosecution Office. Given that some of the documents required to begin the process of repatriation of the body are still pending, it is doubtful that the process will be completed today”.

Also if the last report by Khaleej Times is to believed, they have reported it to CNN-News18 saying that “Dubai police is conducting an ongoing probe at the place of death, and is questioning Boney Kapoor, the hotel staff, and others present at the time of death; this is standard procedure. Sources have also said that Sridevi’s body will most likely not be released today as the requisite documents to begin repatriation of the body are still to be sanctioned”.

The whole Bollywood industry, Sridevi’s family and close ones have already arrived since today afternoon at her residence in Mumbai to prepare for all her last rite once her mortal arrives in the city. But it clearly looks like the twist and turns in the actress’ death case are refusing to come to an end, and that her body is never gonna visit anytime before tomorrow morning from Dubai.
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Contrary to earlier reports, it is now being said that Sridevi’s body will not be embalmed today and the actor’s mortal remains are kept at the forensic department at the police headquarters.

Let’s just hope that there’s no foul play alert in the final forensic reports, and that the actress may actually rest in peace as soon as possible.