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GOVINDA Shares, After Daughter’s Death, It Was Very Difficult For Him To Face Life As It Was!

Superstar Govinda is one of Bollywood’s best known actors. If the discussion is about the Bollywood actors, then the name of actor Govinda is known at the top of the list, it is impossible to forget him. Know Govinds’s closest people call him ‘Cheechi’. Govinda started his film career with the film Illhamam (1986). Born in Mumbai, this artist has also laughing at the audience with his acting.

Just as Govinda’s reel life is open, very few people know about their real life. All of them believe that Tina Ahuja is her older daughter. But very few people will know that their first child, who was a daughter, had died at the age of 4. So, like Govinda’s professional life is as clear as a mirror. At the same time, it is difficult to know about his private life because Govinda does not like to talk about his personal life. Govinda is more sensitive than his family. Most people and favors of Govinda here believe that Tina Ahuja Govinda Have a big daughter. But very few people will know that their eldest daughter and first child died at the age of 4 months. Narmada Ahuja is her second child

During an interview, Govinda told about this emotional laugh of his life. He said, “I have seen deaths of 11 members in my family, the first of which is my daughter was a pre-mature baby. Because of that, he died at the age of 4 months. ”


After this, Govinda said, “Besides the daughter, I have seen the death of my parents, two cousins, sister and brother-in-law. I have raised children of all because their companies had stopped, they had no work. That’s why I have been very emotional and financial pressure. ”
Govinda says that he does not want to put any pressure on his son Yashvardhana. He says that his son is still small and in whatever field he has to make his career, he will always respect and cooperate with his decision.

This news seems to be a rumor for many people, but tell you this fact that Govinda’s first daughter passed away very long ago when she was 4 months old. Tina Ahuja is her second daughter.

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