Ileana Dcruz Reveals What She Finds “Sexiest” In A Man

Ileana Dcruz Reveals What She Finds “Sexiest” In A Man

April 8, 2021 0 By admin

By far one of the most underrated and extremely hot heroines who dabbled in Bollywood and South is Ileana D’Cruz. With films like Barfi and Rustom to flaunt she created much magic to stay in the hearts of her fan. Not to be seen so much now, we can only hope she would be back with a superlative performance that will stir up the nostalgic infatuation among us pretty soon.


Here we get a peek into her mind as Ileana talks about her deep thoughts. She would reveal what is that one thing that she finds the “sexiest” in a man whom she would like to date. Let’s get to the goss!

She is often seen replying with funk and quirk when it comes to interviews. She perhaps loves to take on interviews and talk show spots; the reason why she is a frequent face to get invited to a talk show. She unfolded some seriously fun things at the recently aired The Love. Laugh. Live Show hosted by supermodel Shibani Dandekar.

On one of the segments, it was a Q&A round named “Ok Cupid” where Shibani gave her 4 options to choose from that she thinks would be the sexiest about the man Ileana would date. The options were: “someone who is good with languages, someone who is logical and mathematical, someone who is physically skilled, or someone who is musically skilled”. Ileana proved to be quite a baller with her answer.

She revealed almost with a blush that she has “a thing for men with words” and for “men who can speak well”. Further she revealed how she also wants her partner to be musically inclined and that she thinks all of these are extremely sexy!

Ileana definitely has got her list set right.

Check out her version and the entire video here: