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Do You Know The Surnames Of These Top 10 Celebrities? Find Out Here

“What’s in a name” is a famous quote from none other than Sir Shakespeare. However, it doesn’t hold true all the time. the name does matter, especially in Bollywood. There are many popular actors, who have changed their names. Rajeev Bhatia became Akshay Kumar and look where he is. However, there are few Celebs, who have partially changed their name. There are few stars, who have kept their surname hidden from everyone. We have done lots of research to bring the surname of these popular Bollywood celebs. However, we are going to tell you the original surnames for quite interesting reasons.


There was a time when Govinda used to rule the box office. He has collaborated with David Dhawan for several blockbusters. The full name of Govinda is Govind Arun Ahuja.


Her full name is Kajol Mukherjee. The actress continued with the name after her parents Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja separated.


He was one of the most handsome actors of his time. He has entertained audiences for several years. His full name is Dharam Singh Deol. However, his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol carry his surname.

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