The Little Kid, Jia Of Kal Ho Na Ho, Has Grown-Up Now Look How Beautiful She Looks.

The Little Kid, Jia Of Kal Ho Na Ho, Has Grown-Up Now Look How Beautiful She Looks.

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Bollywood movies are being watched around the world today and this is how you can find out the success of the Bollywood industry. Today, the level of Bollywood films has gone a lot, and nowadays it has become common for Bollywood films to reach 100 crore club. In some Bollywood movies, there is also an actor and actress besides some people who play a lot of character in the film are child artist. Child artists are working in Bollywood films since years, some of them have become Bollywood stars today. Today we are talking about a child artist who made a special place in the heart of everyone with its beautiful character in the film. After many years, she has become the same child artist.



Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ will be remembered in the year 2003. Every character of this movie was well liked by the people. In the specialty film Preity Zinta’s younger sister Jia, you will be remembered as a cute child. But now these cute girls have grown bigger and have become a beautiful and stylish teenager after 12 years and their names are Jhank Shukla.


Jhank is born on January 24, 1996. Jhank is the daughter of famous television actress Supriya Shukla and documentary filmmaker Hari Shukla. Before jhanak film ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’ has worked in popular TV serials such as ‘Sonpri’ and ‘Karisma karishma’. The role played by Ayesha Kapoor in the film ‘Black’, released in 2005, was offered to Role First Jhank. But due to the extra time of shooting, he left the film.


Jhanak is studying Bachelor, and she wants to become a bigger social activist and wants to open her own NGO. Though the 18-year-old jhanak is far from the movies, he remains quite active on social media. They often post their photos on their social media account. Over time, the chatter has started to look very beautiful.

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