Rimi Sen On Why She Won’t Ask For Work From Salman Khan & Why Bigg Boss Doesn’t Help Building Careers

Rimi Sen On Why She Won’t Ask For Work From Salman Khan & Why Bigg Boss Doesn’t Help Building Careers

April 8, 2021 0 By admin

Rimi Sen has been a part of some memorable films like Dhoom, Golmaal, Phir Hera ll, Garam Masala and more, but she disappeared from the industry one fine day. Her farewell film was Budhia Singh – Born to Run, which also won a National Award.


On her thoughts about Bigg Boss as a ‘career-building show, she said, “I don’t think Bigg Boss helps you make your career. You get name and fame but that is very short-lived. You get all the fame, work, events, live sessions, interaction with the audience from Bigg Boss but that just happens for a year. You fade out as soon as the next season begins and new contestants replace you. I just didn’t want to do that ‘hang-in there’ job by doing reality shows, comedy shows, and the like. I want to just give that one memorable performance that can leave my footprints on the audience’s hearts for over 10 years. That is the kind of work I want.”

Rimi Sen also stated what interests her today the most, she said, “There are roles in the lead for women above 40 and that is fantastic. Shefali Shah was amazing in Delhi Crime. Sushmita Sen did a wonderful job with Aarya. If I can though explain it better, I would just say that I am waiting for a role like Vidya Balan’s in Kahaani whether it happens on OTT or on the big screen.”

On asking Salman Khan for work, she sweetly added, “Abhi unke paas itna bojh pehle hi hai, aur kitna daalu (He already has a lot on his plate, why would I want to add to his troubles?). Hote hain log aise, but I don’t want to trouble him. He is a very good human being. He helps people out of friendship. However, I want to do it the right way. I don’t want anyone to push for me, to take any extra effort for me. I would never want Salman to take that burden for me.”

“Yeah, because there’s nothing to show your ambition for inside the Bigg Boss house. They only want you to fight, speak loud, scream all the time. I did my kitchen duties properly but I can’t fight to gain attention. They design such tasks that you have to fight among each other and I just wanted to stay away from that,” concluded Rimi Sen on her thoughts about Bigg Boss.