Sridevi’s Death Mystery: People Wants To Know The Answers Of These Logical Questions

Sridevi’s Death Mystery: People Wants To Know The Answers Of These Logical Questions

March 1, 2018 0 By admin

Entire nation woke up the sad news of legendary actress Sridevi’s death on Sunday morning. Sridevi died on February 24 in Jumeirah Emirates hotel, Dubai. The news came as shock to everyone leaving the entire nation in tears. Ever since the news of her death arrived, there have been lots of speculations and reports regarding her death.



Initially, it was reported that Sridevi died due to cardiac arrest. However, everyone got shocked when the forensic report came out. According to the forensic report, Sridevi died due to “Accidental Drowning”. The same was confirmed by Dubai Police, as they passed the case to the Public Prosecution.

Ever since the forensic report came out, people are confused. They are asking several questions. After going through the social media, we have come across some of the most asked questions regarding the death of Sridevi.
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Scroll down to read all these questions:

1. Why Sridevi stayed in Dubai alone for 2 days?

2. Why her hubby Boney Kapoor came back to India alone on 21st February?

3. What was the reason for him going back to Dubai on 24th February?

4. If she died due to accidental drowning, why cardiac arrest case of death was made public earlier?

5. There are reports suggesting that Sridevi didn’t go out of the hotel for 2 days? Why she stayed in the hotel for 2 days? Was she depressed or upset?

6. Why forensic reports look amateur? Several mistakes were found in the report. The spelling of drowning is wrong.

7. Boney Kapoor checked the bathroom at 7:30, then why the police were informed at 9: 30? What was he doing for 2 hours?

8. Why was forensic report signed by preventive medicine director instead of the forensic department?

9. How can forensic report state that drowning is “accidental”?

10. How a video of Sridevi hugging Boney Kapoor came out as her last video? Was it on purpose?

11. How can a mature adult drown in a bathtub?

12. When she was drunk, why no one was with her?

13. What Sridevi and Boney Kapoor were talking about in those 15 minutes before she went to the bathroom?