So This Video Claims That Sridevi’s Eldest Daughter Jahnavi Knew That Her Mother Might Not Return Alive To Dubai!

So This Video Claims That Sridevi’s Eldest Daughter Jahnavi Knew That Her Mother Might Not Return Alive To Dubai!

March 2, 2018 0 By admin

If Bollywood talked about, Bollywood legend Sridevi went on saying goodbye to this world forever at a very young age. However, Sridevi’s death was so sudden that everyone was still in shock listening to the news of her demise. Yes, the last rites of Sridevi have been done today, but still no one is convinced of the fact that she has left this world. The same is now reported in the news so that it has been heard that Sridevi’s family was already aware of her deteriorating condition, especially her elder daughter Jahnavi. By the way, tell your information that we are not saying these things to ourselves, but these things are being held as an outright claim.


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For your information, tell that a video on social media is becoming viral and this video is being claimed. Significantly, the whole country is still in shock after hearing the sudden demise of Sridevi and in this case everyone is surprised after this disclosure. Now it is known to all that Sridevi had gone to Dubai to attend the wedding and the entire Kapoor family along with him went to Dubai to join the marriage. In such a situation, Jahnavi Kapoor was the only member who did not go to Dubai. Actually she was busy shooting for her upcoming movie. However, Sridevi’s younger daughter was present with them.


After the marriage program ended, Sridevi said that she wants to stop shopping. So everyone went back to Mumbai, but Sridevi stayed in Dubai. Apart from this, it has been heard that after reaching Mumbai, Boney Kapoor got a surprise dinner date, due to which he went back to Dubai. Tell that after coming to Dubai, he told Sridevi about this plan and both of them agreed to date. In such a situation, Sridevi went to the bathroom to prepare for bathing, and she fallen accidentally in bathtub, and was never able to come out of it. Which led to her death.

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However, the video which has surfaced, it is being claimed that perhaps Sridevi’s elder daughter Jahnavi knew about their deteriorating condition already. Perhaps this is the reason that Jhanvi always smiled and smiled, Jahnavi was very sad. Apart from this, it is said that perhaps this would be the first time when Jahnavi was not seen smiling or smiling. Now we do not give any credentials of this video, but it is well known that celebrities hide many of their kingdom from the world. That is, Sridevi is actually a victim of any disease and people do not know about it.

Now it can happen that due to the same illness they have been attacked. Well, you will find yourself after watching the video yourself.