10 Most Controversial Contestants Of Bigg Boss

10 Most Controversial Contestants Of Bigg Boss

January 25, 2018 0 By admin

Without a doubt, here we have furnish an once-over of best 10 questionable contenders from the Season 1 to Season 10. These challengers were either mixed level headed discussions in the house or they had a dull past with their own particular dialogs.

Here are the fundamental 10 Controversial Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 1-10:

1. Salil Ankola (Bigg Boss Season 1)

Cricketer turned Bollywood performing artist Salil Ankola was the ideal decision for the Bigg Boss candidate in Season 1. He wasn’t engaged with any huge contention, yet he has abused his agreement with Sony TV. That is the motivation behind why he was tossed out of the house in the principal week itself.

2. Jade Goody (Bigg Boss Season 2)

Late Jade Goody was a questionable figure amid the season of her stretch in Big Brother, where Shilpa turns out as a victor. According to Shilpa, Jade did racial remarks on her. She went out on the Day 2 itself after she was being determined to have cervical malignancy.

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