This 16 Years Old Girl Is Getting Very Famous, Know Who Is She?

This 16 Years Old Girl Is Getting Very Famous, Know Who Is She?

January 13, 2018 0 By admin

This era is the digital age, and in these days child actress makes more buzz than a Bollywood star on social media due to their beauty and looks. The news of the new child actress on these days is becoming viral on social media. This child actress goy fame at a very young age because of her beauty and popularity. Comparison of her beauty also goes to Bollywood actress. Today we are going to tell you about child actors who have become very fond of at a very young age.


We are talking about Tunisha Sharma. Tunisha was born on 4 January 2002 in Chandigarh. She has played many roles on the small screen, she has tried her hand in Bollywood films too. Teen actress Tunisha Sharma, who played Vidya Balan’s daughter in the film ‘Kahani 2’, turns 16 years old. Recently talking to a Hindi newspaper, Tunisa said that their 9th class exams are underway. But due to being busy in shooting, she is thinking about giving examination in Mumbai itself.


Tanisha played Katrina Kaif’s childhood character in the film ‘Fitoor’. Tanisha said that she had the opportunity to play Katrina’s childhood twice. After that people thought she was getting roles because of Look. But then Tanisha got the chance to work in ‘Kahani 2’ in which her work was highly appreciated.


Tanisha had also acted a the role of Maharana Pratap in the year 2014, after which she also played the role of Princess Ahankaar as Chakravarti Ashok Samrat. Tanisha is also quite active on social media, she keeps putting her photos on social media these days. Tanisha has become quite fond of a very young age, Taniisha looks very beautiful and if she does talk about the beauty of Tanisa, then maybe she will become a big Bollywood actress.

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