Badho Bahu Actress Rytasha Rathore Is Celebrating Her Curves On Instagram With Bold Pictures

Badho Bahu Actress Rytasha Rathore Is Celebrating Her Curves On Instagram With Bold Pictures

December 6, 2017 0 By admin

Fat girls and hot images are an imagination that barely people believe in. At least, that is the case when it comes to social media. Those have a fit bod are flaunting it (much to the envy of others). And those who don’t, are hiding themselves in such a manner that nobody can spot them.

"He told me to look at my hand, for a part of it came from a star that exploded too long ago to imagine. This part of me was formed from a tongue of fire that screamed through the heavens until there was our sun. And this part of me – this tiny part of me – was on the sun when it itself exploded and whirled in a great storm until the planets came to be. And this small part of me was then a whisper of the earth. When there was a life, perhaps this part of me got lost in a fern that was crushed and covered until it was coal. And then it was a diamond millions of years later – it must have been a diamond as beautiful as the star from which it had first come. Or perhaps this part of me became lost in a terrible beast, or became part of a huge bird that flew above the primeval swamps. And he said this thing was so small – this part of me was so small it couldn't be seen – but it was there from the beginning of the world. And he called this bit of me an atom. And when he wrote the word, I fell in love with it. Atom Atom What a beautiful word." . . . That's one of my favourite monologues of all time from the play 'The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-moon Marigolds' by Paul Zindel. I don't believe anything and neither do I disbelieve. I don't buy into the concept of religion but I do think that we're all a part of the same universe and made up of atoms. Hence I think mercury retrograde affects us all. Just like the full moon does. Or a lunar eclipse does. Swipe right for info about Mercury Retrograde. It started today. I wish you peace. #AcrossTheUniverse

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But, Badho Bahu actress who plays an overweight girl who is married to a handsome hunk, is curvy in her real life and is not afraid of any trolls that would come her way of looking good and posting her pictures on Instagram.

Rytasha Rathore gracefully dresses up in the attires she loves, and is much happy with her plus size body. She also recently slipped into a bikini and had a fun time with her besties in the pool, the photos of which were all over the social media. And we’re pleasantly surprised with her body positive approach.

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