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Here Is Why The Love Story Of Shilpa Shinde And Romit Raj Ended!

‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’ actress Shipa Shinde has dated actor Romit Raj but they broke off. It may have happened 7 years ago. But, do you know why they called off their relationship? Here is the actual reason behind their break-up.


As per the reports of Spotboye.com, Romit Raj Ordered Shilpa Shinde To Disconnect With Her Parents.

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Shilpa said that “I don’t want to dig up the past. But all I will say is that it is wrong for a man to expect his wife to break ties with her parents.”

Shilpa had said that she did a lot for Romit’s family but Romit could never adjust.

So this was the main reason why the couple broke up.
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