Meet The Beautiful Moms Of These Beautiful Actresses Of South India

Meet The Beautiful Moms Of These Beautiful Actresses Of South India

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The beauty of the South Indian actresses is so much appreciated, especially in the beauty of the South Indian film actresses, the whole country is crazy. Bolivia gives equal competition to the beauty. The women who are popular in the south below, are beautiful, hot, and talented. These beauties have played their acting skills well, some of them have made a powerful and successful step in Bollywood. So let’s see, today we will see the mothers of these beautiful actresses.


★ Anushka Shetty

Born on November 7, 1981, Anushka has not married yet. Devsena is very glamorous in Real Life, tied with brown color sari, scattered hair and yachts in Bahubali. Anushka’s real name as a part of many Tamil and Telugu films is sweet shetty.Anushka’s mother is also beautiful.

★ Tapasi Pannu

Born in Mumbai on August 1, 1987, Tapassey is a popular film actress of the South Film Industry. His mother’s name is Nirmaljeet Pannu. Tapasi, who debuted in 2010 from Nadan, has worked in films such as Mr. Perfect, Doubles. She has been seen in Baby with Amitabh Bachchan and Pink and Akshay Kumar.

★ Trisha

Born on May 4, 1983, actress Trisha Krishnan is one of the highest paid actress of South India. The name of Trisha’s mother is Uma Krishnan. Trisha Krishnan, who has been working with Akshay Kumar, charges Rs 1 crore for each film.

★ Iliana D’cruz

Ileana’s mother’s name is Sameera D’cruz. Born November 1, 1987, Ileana debuted in 2006, Devdasu. After working in more than 15 Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films, he debuted Bollywood with Barfi in 2014.

★ Samantha Ruth

The mother of Samantha’s mother is a naughty lord. Samantha Ruth, born on April 28, 1987, charges about Rs 70 lakhs for her every film.

★ Priya Mani

Priyamani’s mother’s name is Lata Mani Iyer. Born on June 2, 1984, Priyamani is one of South’s famous actresses. She is Vidya Balan’s sister.

★ Shruti Hassan

Sruti’s mother is Sarika Hassan. On January 28, 1986, Shruti Haasan was born to Kamal Haasan and Sarika. Besides Shilpi, Shruti is quite active in South.

★ Shriya Saran

The name of Shriya’s mother is Neeraja Saran. Born on September 11, 982, she has worked in several Bollywood films. Saran is also one of South’s top actresses.

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