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Richa Chadha To Play The Role Of This Adult South Indian Actress

After Vidya Balan, now Richa Chadha is going to play the role of an adult star. Vidya Balan’s ‘Dirty Picture’ was a super hit and Richa Chadha is also going to be in the same shoes. She will be seen playing the lead role in the biopic of the famous Malayalam actress Shakeela.

richa chaadha shakeela

Shakeela was from Kerala and she appeared in many adult movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. In the biopic, Shakeela’s life will be shown from the age of 16 when she put her step in the film industry. The movie will cover every aspect of Shakeela’s life. In ‘Dirty Picture’ Vidya Balan played the role of adult star Silk Smita.

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Richa’s spokesperson told in a statement, “The film is the story of Shakeela, one of the most famous actors from Malayalam cinema from the 90s who rose to a spectacular amount of fame. Her fans were spread across Asia and she earned fanfare as a woman which back then was unheard of.”

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