Vidya Balan’s Sister Is Also Beautiful And Bold, See Photos

Vidya Balan’s Sister Is Also Beautiful And Bold, See Photos

January 12, 2018 0 By admin

You all have heard the name of Bollywood’s famous actress Vidya Balan. Actress Vidya Balan, who has just released her film, ‘Tari Sulu’, is known for her superb acting and looks. Vidya Balan has given many good films to Bollywood. Vidya Balan is considered to be Bollywood’s best actress. Vidya Balan has a well-known name in Bollywood, but did you know that she has a sister who takes tips from films and acting? Priyamani, who have made a lot of name in the South Film Industry.


Priyamaniviya balan

30 years old Priyamani was born in Tamil family and grew up in Bengaluru. Priyamani’s father’s name is Vasudev Mani Iyer and mother’s name is Lata Iyer. Although Priyamani did not get acting in heritage, she has made a different identity in films on her own talent.Today she is considered as one of South’s top heroines. Her father has a business of plantation while her mother is a former national badminton player. Are there.


Priyamani started her career with a flop, but she did not make any difference to the success she received from Priyamani. They continued to meet films. Priyamani also worked with SS Rajamoula, director of ‘Bahubali’. Slowly He became so successful that people began to consider him as a long race horse. In 2007, Priyamani received the National Award for the film ‘Parutiviran’.


Today, the stardom of Priyamani is that Vidya Balan also takes his opinion on his films. Priyamani has worked in Bollywood, not just south but also in Bollywood. He debuted in Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Ravan’ in Bollywood. Although this film is a flop and Priyamani did not show anything special. But in the South, Vidya Balan’s sister is making a lot of names. Her hotness is very popular in the South Film Industry. Priyamani used to model before coming to films. At the age of 12, Priyamani had stepped into the glamor industry. Apart from Till, Priyamani has also worked in Malayalam and Telugu films.
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