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10 Times Deepika Padukone’s Outfits Were Copied From Hollywood Celebs!!

If you don’t believe, then here is the proof where Deepika Padukone outfits were already worn by Hollywood celebs.

1. Julie Berman had already worn the same outfit at the Emmy Awards in 2013.

2. Deepika’s look is pretty inspired by Lady Victoria Harvey’s look.

3. This outfit was pretty inspired by Kylie Jenner outfit that she wore at Balmain X H&M collection launch event.

4. Kylie Minogue’s outfit

5. Hollywood celeb Ashley Benson

6. This ravishing black outfit was worn by Kate Hudson a few months ago

7. Look at Shakira’s outfit

8. This amazing black dress was worn by Zoe Saldana a few months before Deepika flaunted it in an event in India

9. Malese Jow wore this stunning dress at the premiere of Breaking Dawn.

10. Another outfit inspired from Kylie Minogue

Source: Entertales

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