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Vidya Balan Says She Does Not Regret A Single Choice Of Film, Opens Up About How Her Parents Reacted To The Dirty Picture

Talking to TOI, the actress revealed, “During the screening of ‘The Dirty Picture’, I was worried about how they would react and was waiting outside the screening room during the interval. But when they came out of the screening, my father actually clapped and said, ‘I didn’t see my daughter anywhere in the film’. And my mother cried when the movie ended. Firstly, it was tough for her to see me die on-screen. But most importantly, she said that not for a moment did she feel that I looked cheap, which was a huge compliment coming from her. Because there is a thin line between being sexy and sleazy. But I think, for that, I am grateful to the people I have worked with.”
She also added that she has not regretted signing a single film so far and said, “When I’m choosing a part, there is no fear, there is instinct. During ‘The Dirty Picture’, people would tell me, ‘Are you mad? This will be the end of your career.’ That’s when I realised I have to only tune in to the voice within. Ten people will have 20 options and if you listen to them, your opinions also change. If I base my decision on your decision, then I end up as a confused person. So, I follow my instincts; sometimes it has worked commercially, and sometimes it hasn’t. But I don’t regret a single film that I have done.”

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