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10 B-Town Stars Revealing Their Most Embarrassing Moments, That Proves They Are Like You!

“Years ago, when I was new to Mumbai, I was travelling in a BEST bus and I didn’t know Marathi at all. I was a young boy and I was a bit nervous. Suddenly the conductor began screaming, ‘pudhe chala, pudhe chala’, which means move ahead. I couldn’t understand. Then while passing he yelled again. I shrunk in one corner. So he asked me ‘ticket, ticket?’ I still didn’t understand. Then he yelled, ‘Marathi mahit naahi? Marathi maaloom nahin?’ I said no. So he shouted, ‘Toh phir maage jaa. In Mumbai you don’t know Marathi? Very bad.’ That’s when I decided I’d learn. And today I’m fluent in it,” says Akshay Kumar.

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