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10 Bollywood Stars and Their Special Clauses In Their Contracts

The actors by whom we get inspired, work really hard for their roles. Some change their looks completely, get trained by professionals, does brave things like going bald, losing or gaining weight and so on. They do earn really good sum of money through this but they also have their own limits and demands which they mention in their contracts prior.
Below are 10 Bollywood stars who have made shocking demands in their contracts:

1) Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena has been a great actress, she has done all that it needs to become a great actress that she is today. She got married to Saif Ali Khan in the year 2013, and after that she added something in her clause. The new clause was that she won’t be doing any kissing or bedroom scenes in her movies. And so, she refused to even touch Ajay Devgn’s lips in ‘Satyagraha’ (2013) while shooting a romantic song.

2) Salman Khan

Salman has never done any intimate scenes on screen. He proved that, not only women, men also might get uncomfortable in doing such scenes. He does not even agree to touch lips on screen. They say, he does it because his mother watches his movies and he gets uncomfortable.

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