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10 Controversial Statements By Kangana Ranaut Portrays Her Raw Nature!

Kangana Ranaut has created a critically acclaimed space in Bollywood. One because of her immense talent that helped her to put her best performance in last 10 years and secondly because of her blunt nature, her ability to speak her heart out, when comes to giving her opinions. Here are 10 strongest statements by the Queen actress that gives us the glance of her rawness in her thoughts.
1. On growing up in a conservative family, she explained,Girls are never encouraged to be something or do something. My father had unrealistic expectations from my brother while I just stood in the corner.She explained that even after struggling, when she was unable to get a break, her family kept calling her to give up and return, but she was adamant. “My father called and said “did you learn your lesson? I said, no. Better get ready to learn yours.

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