10 Times Bollywood Award Categories Were So Weird, They Deserved A Separate Trophy

10 Times Bollywood Award Categories Were So Weird, They Deserved A Separate Trophy

June 10, 2021 0 By admin
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Bollywood is a huge industry in itself. What’s best is that the industry knows how to value talent and potential together. This is why the award functions that are conducted on regular basis hold great significance in the sector. However, in the recent run, the picture is not the same. The advent of weird and non meaningful awards have taken over the industry now. In this article, we list such strange awards that were provided to our Bollywood stars.

1. Nothing to hide award (2017)

Kriti Sanon was presented an award for ‘nothing to hide’ from her career and personal life! Joking, it was just a promotional stunt.

2. Best Silent and Powerful Performance on OTT

This award was utter nonsense as it does not make sense at all. Bobby Deol was presented this, apparantly for both being silent and powerful in a movie!

3. The ‘Beauty’ section of the Lux Golden Rose awards (2017)

The Lux Golden Award 2017 came up with a bizzare idea in the category of ‘beauty’ awards. These included: Versatile Beauty, Charismatic Beauty, Unstoppable Beauty, Emerging Beauty, Power-Packed Beauty, Timeless Beauty and Legendary Beauty.

4. I Am More Than You Can See award (2017)

One of the most absurd and stupid award category that could be ever thought of. Kareena Kapoor bagged the award.

5. Best Superstar of Next Gen (2016)

The award did say ‘Best Superstar’ but there was no context mentioned behind it. Best superstar’, compared to who? What are the parameters? Also, next generation?

6. Most Beautiful Man of the Decade (2017)

This bizzare award was presented to Akshay Kumar. How can one look the best in the ‘decade’? The category did not make sense at all.

7. 20 Years Best Actor (Male and Female) – 2019

This award seemed to be an ‘invented’ one as they wanted to provide two big celebs who have just gotten married to each other. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone was presented this!

8. Beauty Tastemaker award (2019)

Another non-sense award category which did not make any sense at all. This was provided to Jahnvi Kapoor.

9. Honorary Millennial of the Year (2019)

The award category did make sense but the winner certainly did not. Karan Johar won this award, which is completely baseless and hilarious.

10. Extraordinary Legend award (2018)

How did the presenters decide which legend is more ‘extraordinay’ than the other? Another flop award category it is.