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11 Brands We All Think Are Indian But They Are Not


The shoe brand that stands as the most popular line of footwear in India is surprisingly not from the country at all. The line of stylish, comfortable and cosy effective shoes fits just right for the market of India and thus has more than a few outlets even in the remotest corners of the country. The legacy, however, started in


Even though the name has the very word Hindustan in it, the group is not from India originally. It is a subsidiary for Unilever which is a British -Dutch company group. The line is responsible for the selling of almost any consumer good that is required. It stacks items of daily use, healthcare, hygiene and many more.


The company responsible for the cheapest and most easily accessible earphones may sound to be of Indian development. However, it is not. The same was from an American brand situated at Framingham, Massachusetts. The founder Amar Bose was an American of Indian descent and established the same in 1962.

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