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11 Hilarious Photos Of Bollywood Actresses That Will Cause A Laughter Attack

The moment we need a dose of entertainment, we turn to Bollywood which is an unlimited source of fun. Today, we will see the other side of Bollywood actors and actresses. We present to you the most hilarious face photos of famous actresses caught on the camera that they themselves want to delete from the internet immediately.

That moment when you are so eager to take a selfie that you forget to get a smartphone to shoot it.

She just won a bumper lottery!!!

There is nothing to be ashamed of Kat, everyone faces this moment at some point in their life.

The Wrath Of The Goddess. Stay Away, Boys!

That moment when you don’t want to laugh at a joke that was meant to be funny.

Those eyes speak a thousand words

That moment when you don’t know how to sing but you want to act like a pro!


Time to fill up the gaps!

When you visit a dentist and he asks you to open your mouth! The Black Ones!


The Indian Anaconda!

Mission Impossible!

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