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11 Lesser Known Facts About Priyanka Chopra That Only Her True Fans Are Aware of

If there is an Indian actress whose career trajectory has seen an amazing upward trend, it is the junglee billi of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra. Oozing confidence and elan at every step, the once gawky teenager is now using her sanguine aura to win over the hearts of many not just in India, but also in Hollywood.
Fondly known as Piggy Chops or Pee Cee, Priyanka is one of the top actresses in Bollywood and unlike other actresses, this Daddy’s lil girl is quite candid about her personal life. Her social media profiles give us a fair amount of knowledge about her whereabouts and latest interests but there are a few things that only her close aides or fans are aware of. Here are 11 lesser known facts about Priyanka Chopra you might want to add to your Bollywood farrago.

1. She has a sweet tooth and carries candies with her everywhere she goes, just in case her sweet cravings poke her.

2. The ex Miss World loves to feast on pizzas and french fries whenever she has the liberty to let herself loose.

3. Friends and family call her Mimi or Sunshine.

4. She didn’t debut with ‘Hero: Love Story of a Spy’; her debut movie was Thamizhan, a Tamil film where she worked opposite actor Vijay.


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