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12 Bollywood Actors Who Have Donated Their Eyes And Organs, Some Reason Will Move You To Donate Yours!

There have been instances that these celebrities have used their clout for the better good as well. A lot of actors and actresses in Bollywood have pledged to either donate their organs or their eyes for those in need.

1. Aamir Khan has pledged to donate all his organs after his death. Reportedly, his inspiration for the decision came after watching the film The Ship Of Thesues. In an interview, Aamir had said, “Kiran and I have discussed it, but we never discussed it seriously till she saw Ship Of Theseus. When I die, I would like Kiran to be able to just call up a number to execute my wish of harvesting my organs. I will donate everything possible to donate, which is typically your eyes, kidneys, liver, heart and even your lungs.”


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