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12 Pictures Which Prove 90’s Was The Era Of Beauties In Bollywood

Bollywood actresses are the best combination of beauty and brain. Perfect for every part they play, yet this perfection at some point is incomplete. We can say Bollywood currently has many beauties but we can’t call them natural beauties because more than natural beauties we have plastic beauties. In fact, few of the actresses lost their beauty in the race of looking perfect. Nonetheless, when we say natural beauty the era of 90’s lingers in our mind.
Without any Lip augmentation or nose jobs, those actresses carried an aura of beauty which is lost in this plastic world today. Even without getting abs or a size 24 waist, 90’s actresses defined the word perfection brilliantly. These versatile actresses are celebrated for the grace and charm they had. From Sridevi to Madhuri, all the actresses were drop dead gorgeous.
And in case you still don’t believe us these pictures will make you do.





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