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14 Bolllywood Actresses Who Disappointed Us With Their ‘Dark To Fair’ Avatars

Bollywood performing artists have over and over fell prey to skin helping gossipy tidbits, however taking a gander at a few changes it is hard not to ponder. While it is not a concealed reality that film industry all around is fixated on reasonable skin, a few on-screen characters figure out how to become showbiz royalty even with their shadowy appearance.
14 such Bollywood on-screen character who went from being nightfall, to turning out to be reasonable:

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra: After get to be Miss World at an exceptionally youthful age, Priyanka Chopra soon turned into the new face of Bollywood. The on-screen character who is presently making miracles in Hollywood and Bollywood industry used to have nearly darker skin once upon a time. Unquestionably a tremendous makeover!

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