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15 Worthless Bollywood Movies That Will Surely Make You Cry, If You Ever Try To Watch Them!

With horrible acting and pathetic story-lines, these movies were a pain to watch. Hope you were spared the horror.

One by Two

This is the story of two youngsters: Amit Sharma and Samara Patel. Amit belongs to Mumbai, and is a software professional. His girlfriend has ditched him. On the other hand, there’s Samara, a fantastic dancer who stays with her alcoholic mother. Her only dream: to one day be known as the best dancer in the world. Amit and Samara tend to cross each other’s paths but only meet later in the movie.


A young man, Aditya Singh (Adhyayan), who fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl (Ariana). Soon he had a severe heart-attack, and when consulted with his doctor-friend (Shekhar Suman), he then suggested him to do a heart-transplant. As Aditya lands in the operation theatre, some bizarre thing happens in his life, and lots of unsaid and controversial betrayed story unfolds.

Darr @ The Mall

It’s about a haunted mall which is apparently the largest one in the Asia.

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