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17 Actresses Who Played On-Screen Moms Way Before They Were Married In Real Life.

It is said that being a mother is a tough job and a girl can only learn it after a stage. However, some girls are damn good actresses and they can play the mother very well in front of the camera before facing motherhood.

Here we have created this unique list of Bollywood actresses who have played on-screen mothers way before they were married in real life.

Check out the list to celebrate motherhood with these talented Bollywood actresses.

1. Kajol in Dil Kya Kare

Kajol is married to Ajay Devgan and the couple is blessed with two children. There’s no doubt she has maintained her professional and personal life better.

However, she got the chance to play the mother in the movie Dil Kya Kare before her marriage with Ajay.

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