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19 Bollywood’s Most Expensive Movies Which Failed Miserably At The Box Office

It’s not necessarily true that big budget movies do wonders on the Box Office. In other words, if makers of a film cast superstars along with flaunting all the lavishness of the world like luxurious cars, avant-garde technology, jewelry (if the movie is about some historical character like Akbar) or shoot exotic foreign locations, even all these stuffs together can’t guarantee a blockbuster!
Yes, true it is! And we have a number of examples to support this statement since many big budget Hindi movies that were expected to be superhits or break collection records failed miserably at the Box Office and couldn’t recover even half of the production cost!
In this article, we present 19 of the most expensive flops of Bollywood!

1. Blue

Budget – Rs. 129 crores
Total Collection – Rs. 72.5 crores

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