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2 Times When Sunny Leone Gave Epic Reply to Her Trollers

Sunny Leone has managed to establish herself as one of the most prominent faces in Bollywood at the moment, however, her journey was always filled with encumbrances along the way. Subjected to hate comments and shaming remarks from fans, colleagues, and journalists, she has come out with flying colours.

Not only is she a human with a magnificent heart who loves to help those in need and she does it silently, but she has also always been an outspoken human who held true to her opinions and views. This is what made her an even more charming and feisty personality.

A Canadian-born Indian-American actress and model, Karenjit Kaur Vohra has now been ruling the roost in Bollywood with several projects next to her name. Despite being one of the most illustrious professionals, her previous working backdrop in adult history makes people in India think that they can get away with their sexist remarks. However, Sunny Leone is known to silence such pricks and we will see two instances where the ones who commented would think twice to comment.

In Arbaaz Khan’s talk-show called Pinch, a fan commented talking about the porn ban in India, “#SunnyLeone anticipated #p*rnban and wisely shifted her career! Indeed a visionary”.

In response to the same, Sunny commented, “Seriously, I am a visionary. “I made decisions that were best for me at that moment in time. Have I evolved? Absolutely. Have I moved on? Absolutely.”

She concluded, “Thank you so much for trolling me. It feels amazing because I know how long you are spending on my page.”

On another instance, a reporter asked her, “Why do you endorse Condoms”?

She crafted a brilliant reply that will make the reporter think twice before he asks such questions again. Her response was to the point and absolutely stunning. She said, ““It comes down to everyone’s comfort level and personal goals. It made sense to me. For me, it is all about safe sex… Not just India, even in America people are secretive while buying condoms. It is everyone’s personal preference.”

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