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24 Years Later, The Secret Of Death Of ‘Divya Bharti’ Was Finally Opened

There will be hardly any actress like Divya Bharti in Bollywood, who did 12 films in the first year of her career, got a huge hit, but went on embracing death in the second year. Divya was born on February 25, 1974, if it were today, it would have been 42 years but at the young age of 19, they settled down and the reason for death was not clear till today.

Divya Bharati debuted in Bollywood with the film ‘Vishwatma’ in 1992, although before she had done some Teelgu films. In the movie “Vishwatma”, he got the song, I crossed the seven seas and I got behind you and this song gave Divya the success of the film. After this, Divya has consistently made 10 more Hindi movies, including Shola and Shabnam, Lovely cute, crazy, heart-shaped, songs were also included. During the shooting of the film “Shola and Shabnam”, Divya met with director-producer Sajid Nadiadwala, and both of them got married and decided to get married. Divya married Kabula and married on 10 May 1992, but exactly one year later Divya embraced death.

Many suspects behind the sudden death of Divya described it as suicide, while some said something accidentally responsible for her husband. Despite being investigating for several years, the police could not get close to the investigation and in 1998 the case was closed. But a few hours before his death Divya was very happy. On the day of his death, Divya had purchased a new 4 BHK house in Mumbai itself and the deal was final and it was very happy. It will be around 10 o’clock in the morning when the fifth house of the Tulsi Apartment located in West Andheri, Versova, Mumbai But in his house, his friend and designer Neeta Lulla had come to meet him with her husband.

All the three were sitting in the living room and were drinking alcohol and Divya’s maid Amrita was also participating in the conversation. At around 11 in the night, and Amrita went to do some work in the kitchen, Nita was busy watching TV with her husband and at the same time, Divya went to the window of the room and from there she was talking to her maid in a loud voice. There was no balcony in Divya’s living room but the only such window was that there was no grill. Under the same window was the parking space, where there were often used carcasses. On that day there was no train standing. The angel standing on the window was trying to stand upright and then his foot slipped and he fell straight down on the ground.

Due to falling from the fifth mare, Divya was completely bloody. He was immediately taken to Cooper Hospital, but regret was that he was late by the hospital in the Emergency Ward, Divya broke his breath. Despite investing for five years, the police did not know any concrete reason. Consequently, the police told in the report that drunkenness was the causeo fall from the balcony, but Divya resides in the hearts of everyone.

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