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Did You Know Shashi Kapoor Was The First Indian Actor To An International Movie?

He is India’s first star to an International Movie.

He did James Ivory’s The Householder in 1960s.

He Hate Discrimination. Shashi Kapoor hates living in hierarchy.

The best example is when he turned producer for the film Junoon, the cast and crew both lived in a pose hotel. This is was the first time the established and newcomer actors with technician where treated same.

He’s a true Grammar Nazi. As he was a perfectionist at heart.

While talking in Hindi he insisted to pronounce the correct words.
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Raj Kapoor Used To Call Shashi Taxi.

In 1970s Shashi Kapoor Got too busy that he had no time and has to run from one sets to another with any break that’s when he called him Taxi.

He is the man who made the Dialogue Mere Pass Maa Hai Dialogue.

Shashi Kapoor

H/T: Farnaz Fever

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