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5 Bollywood Actors Who Should Quit Acting, Actually We Never Want Them To See Again!

We bring to you some of the actors who should probably quit being a part of movies and find something better to do-

1. Tusshar Kapoor

This is one name in Bollywood that has been used in numerous jokes and memes as well, the most popular being ‘sympathy with the director who says Good Shot Tusshar’. Tusshar Kaoor right from the beginning didn’t really gel well with the audience which is why most of his movies flopped at the Box Office. His only iconic role worth remembering in this unfortunate career is of the dumb in Golmaal series. The performance of this Bollywood actor has deteriorated to such an extent that only his sister’s production house casts him to give him work. Come on Tusshar, quit already!


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