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5 Bollywood Stars Who Got Married Immediately After Their Breakup

Gauhar Khan-Zaid Darbar

Seeing Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon’s cute love story that started in Bigg Boss house, everyone thought that this couple would get married very soon, but the opposite happened. Gauhar and Kushal’s relationship ended a few months after the show ended. However, even after the breakup, Gauhar and Kushal maintained a friendship relationship, not troubling each other. This is also the reason that even after suddenly hitting each other, both of them do not need to steal eyes from each other.

While Gauhar and Kushal’s relationship became an example of friendship, on the other hand, Gauhar married Zaid and showed everyone that people who start treating their lives as a big problem after the breakup, every passing moment Should take care that someone is waiting for you somewhere.

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