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6 Bollywood Celebs Who Went From Fit To Fat!

At present, it has become really very common to face weight loss/gain issues, but one thing that is going to assure the common people is, big time B-Town celebs have face these issues a lot. While many stars make news for losing alot of weight to get fit. Here are some of the stars who made headlines for gaining weight. They look quite different and seriously not so cool.
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Chandrachur Singh: He made his debut from ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ and attained fame after the movie ‘Maachis’.


Fardeen Khan: One of the very popular superstars of B-Town who is known for his comedy movies.

Himangshu Malik: Started his career with ‘Kamasutra: A tale of love’. Once he was considered as a really handsome man

Mukul Dev: Again one of the very popular names of Bollywood, Mukul Dev was suitable in both roles of tough guy and a chocolate boy.

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Ninad Kamat: Known for his comic roles

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Shadaab Khan: Son of iconic villain Amjad Khan, was quite fit and fine.

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