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7 Bollywood Actresses Who Own Most COSTLIEST Handbags Ever!!

Bollywood actresses are known for their style and panache and very often they set a fashion trend amongst the country. Whatever the actor seen sporting pretty quickly becomes the latest fashion trend amongst the youth. Whether it be hairstyles, shoes or clothes, millions of young girls and guys get influenced by what they do and wear.
There’s one thing that every girl envies about a an actress and that is her handbag. A true fashionista never goes wrong with her handbag and the way she pairs it with her outfits. They’re not your everyday ordinary bags but something that every girl dreams of.
Here’s the list of the handbags that your favourite stars carry most often and how much they cost:

1. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt endorses a handbag brand but here she is seen wearing an an Uber luxurious handbag from TOD’s. It’s a fringed leather bag which is presently priced at Rs 1 lakh

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