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8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Converted To Islam For The Sake Of Love

Love knows no boundaries, be it caste, creed or religion; man does anything to stay with his partner, especially when he or she decides to tie the nuptial knot. Bollywood has been such one example where some celebrities have converted to other faiths to find peace or marry the person they loved.

Sharmila Tagore aka Ayesha Begum

Born as a Hindu- Bengali, the veteran actress of many hits, Sharmila Tagore also converted to Islam after she fell in love with the late cricketer, Mansoor Ali Pataudi, and before marrying him. Rechristened as Ayesha Begum after her marriage

Dharmendra aka Dilawar Khan

In order to marry Hema Malini he converted to Islam in 1979 and changed his name to Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishn. The pair subsequently got married in accordance with Islamic rites.


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