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8 Movies That Attracted Us To Theater Hall For Their Bold Kissing Scenes

How we wish we could get back the times when Indian television and film industry put in efforts to deliver some sensible entertainment. All we see now are movies and television serials replete with crass dialogues and steamy scenes that surprisingly manage to lure the audience and flourish. They are plonked down our television sets with such confidence that we cannot help but wonder at their audacity and daredevilry. We do agree that some movies use hot scenes as a bait while trying to deliver an important social message, there are others that have nothing but bold scenes to lure the viewers. Listed here are 8 such movies that worked only because of their bold kissing scenes.

1. Shudhh Desi Romance

Sushant enjoyed some playful and intimate moments with not one, but two actress in this movie that proved to be a dud at the box office. If only they added some intriguing plot to the movie, it would have at least managed to win some points.

2. Katti Batti

Another of those movies that used kissing scenes for promotion but failed to impress us even a bit. Some of you won’t even be aware of this movie that vanished into thin air even before it could wrap up its first show.

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