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8 Times Bollywood Changed The Facts In Biopics and Fooled The Audience

Here are eight such instances when Bollywood messed up important facts in biopic and made a fool of us:

1. Neerja

A story of the courageous Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers on the Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. The flight was hijacked by a terrorist organization. Although the movie was based on Neerja and her sacrifice fellow crew members of Neerja claimed that Neerja untainted importance.

Taking to her Facebook account, Nupoor Abrol, one of the flight attendants of the flight, had said,

“Yes, truly a very difficult moment. But also a difficult moment for all those flight attendants to accept the movie for what it is unfairly propagating. Neerja was a wonderful person and I think even her soul today would cringe at taking this undeserved adulation. Not fair to the FA’s who have in reality faced their ordeal!”

Noopur Abrol neerja

2. Azhar

Another biopic on the life story of a cricketer former India captain Mohammed Azharuddin Azar has also played with the emotions of the audience. The movie depicts the Indian captain as the prey of the event that eventually occurred in his life. The movie tries to imprint on the public that the court itself cleared all the charges that were on the Indian captain. But the real and the archived newspaper cutting and articles are enough to prove that the movie messed up upon the important facts.

Azhar movie

3. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

The movie helps us to conclude that the rise of M. S. Dhoni as a cricketer, batsman, and even a captain was only because of his relationship with Priyanka Jha. The movie shows that he met him on a fight while a one day series with Pakistan. After he met him he scored a century and then he fixed his place in the Indian team. But the reports and the photo clippings show that M. S. Dhoni was dating Priyanka from 2002 while India A squad’s Zimbabwe and Kenya.

M.S. Dhoni The Untold Story

4. Airlift

It can be said that the movie has zero resemblance to what happened. Kuwait fell on August 3, 1990. Inder Kumar Gujral our external affairs minister was in Baghdad within a time of less than a week. He had a talk with the stranded Indians in Iran and took them back in his IAF Il-76 and then organized the biggest airlift in the history of mankind. Our embassy in Baghdad found a bus contractor to move our people to Amman and Jordan had never closed its borders with Iraq. The first airlift took place on August 13, on the tenth day after the invasion and continued for 59 days until the last Indian wanting to return was back. About 10,000 stayed on in Kuwait, feeling safe with the Iraqis who were friendly to India and never consciously hurt an Indian. These was the real story and what is shown in the movie can be said as fictional.

Airlift movie real story

5. Uri: The Surgical Strike

The garud that was introduced by the DRDO intern with the specification of range 12km, battery 4 hours, Camera 16 MP, zoom 7.2X digital and Infrared camera with GPS and night vision and the bird could also hover. This is just a mislead in the movie because the Uri Surgical Strike took place in the year 2016 and the Bird was launched in the year 2017 by a company called Arial analytics based out of Canada. The name of the bird is ROBIRD. The real purpose of the bird is to ward off the birds in the fields which destroy the crops and air monitoring. The movie is shown that it can fly up to 4 hours but in reality, it can fly for 10-15 minutes. The only sensor that comes with the drone is the audio sensor to scare the birds away in the fields or on the airport but in the movie, it is shown with multiple features including the infrared camera. However, the facts shown in the movie cannot be challenged as the Indian Army did not disclose the facts because of security purposes.

Uri real story

6. Mary Kom

Mary Kom herself in an interview said that the movie has been dramatized to a great extent. In the movie, it is shown that Mary Kom used to do street boxing for money but in reality, she had fought once and she had never fought for money. In the movie, it is shown that her father was vehemently opposed to boxing but it reality her father supported her to an extent. Mary Kom was never in the boxing ring when her son was being operated but according to the movie, she was playing the finals of the world championship and won the championship when her son was back in life. This scene is entirely fictional to earn TRP to the movie.

mary kom movie real story

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