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8 Times Disha Patani Proved She Is A Born Slayer!

It is not often that we come across a face as fresh and a figure as enticing as that of Disha Patani. There is hardly a soul who hasn’t been smitten by the beauty of this Goddamn Queen; the diva has made millions of hearts dance to her tune with her very first appearance on screen and made it seem all so effortless.
The social media is brimming with her pictures and her fandom is spiraling with each passing moment. If her innocent smile and expressive eyes lacked any sorcery, her amazing acting skills made up for the loss. Such is the charisma of this angelic beauty that we cannot help but stare at her in awe every time she comes on screen. For those who beg to differ, these pictures of Miss Patani will win you over instantly. She is a slayer, a born one!

Queen of throwbacks, Queen of hearts, Queen of Bollywood – a Goddamn Queen!

Her first ever calender shoot and she owned it like a boss… Impossible to take eyes off her…


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