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8 Worst Photos Of Kajol That She Does NOT Want You To See!

Kajol made her acting debut at the age of seventeen in the 1992 romantic drama “Bekhudi ” alongside debutante Kamal Sadanah. Although the film turned out to be a box office flop, Kajol’s performance was noticed and she was signed for “Baazigar” which emerged as a major commercial success.

Kajol’s look has changed a lot since then. The gorgeous that she looks today, were not during the time of her Bollywood debut. If you goes through her old pictures, you will get to see her strange look. However, here are a few of her rare and unseen pictures which she would not want you to see.

Right from the time Kajol entered Bollywood, she has been under a scrutiny for bad sense of style. So much so that while her contemporaries were making headlines for making headlines for their style and sassy wardrobes, she was struggling hard to even be counted in plain dressers.

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