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9 Best Bollywood Movies That Have No Dance Sequences.

Bollywood is always praised for having music to justify all the situations. From the very beginning, Bollywood films have had brilliant music pieces and they were not left plain on the screens. The songs are matched very well with dance moves.

The two expressive arts of music and dance have been standing together in Bollywood. And throughout the years, for every fan of Bollywood, dance sequences have been a necessity. 

But there have also been exceptions in Bollywood. There are movies in Bollywood without dance sequences. These movies are awesome. Let’s have a look at the list of 9 awesome Bollywood movies without dance sequences.

1. Water

Water is a period drama set in the year 1938. That was the time India was under British rule. The story revolves around the widows of Indian society. They were not welcomed in the daily activities and were looked down upon.

The movie is a part of a series that included the other two movies titled Fire and Earth. The movie goes along with a widow in the ashram who falls in love again.

2. Rockford 

This movie is very close to the real depiction of teenage problems that a guy might face in his school. And because the school is a boys’ school it has its own fun elements and an extra set of problems.

It is a great treat for someone who has been not so good of a student back at school. This 1999 movie has one of the best castings of all time.

3. Chak De India

This is one of the brilliant films in Shah Rukh Khan’s filmography. Maybe, because it has that extra sprinkle of patriotism in it. This movie is a great source of inspiration for everyone.

The story is about a failed hockey player who is hated for years which he turns into love with a world cup victory. This 2007 movie never fails to charm every heart that beats for the Nation. 

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