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9 Bollywood Movies That Will Give You The Thrilling Laugh At The End.

As Bollywood have produced very few horror flicks, the quality ones are very few. Most of the Bollywood horror movies are filled with alot of dramatic twists, worthless plots. Here are few movies that’ll give you laugh if you watch them again.


1 kaal01


2 Sssshhh. . . (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists - (2003) - []

Raaz 3D,

3 Raaz 3D

Bhoot Returns,

4 bhoot_returns_ver2_xlg

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Papi Gudia,

5 Pappi Gudia


6 Suryavanshi

Bandh Darwaza,

7 bandh_darwaza_big

Vastu Shastra,

8 vastu sharsta

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9 hawa_1331641351

h/t: Indiatimes

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