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Aamir Khan’s Close Friend And Actor Dies After 10 Years Of Long Illness Aamir Helped Him And His Family During Financial Crisis

Actor Shrivallabh Vyas, who played God Kaka in Aamir Khan starrer film and Oscar Nominated Lagaan, passed away today (Sunday). He had been suffering from high blood pressure and paralysis for many years. He had been suffering from this disease for the last 10 years and due to financial constraints, he was shifted to Jaipur for treatment. ‘Ishwar Kaka’ got the last breath in Jaipur itself. He was 60 years old. According to his wife Shobha Vyas, the Cine and Television Association did not even help him for treatment. Actor Shri Vallabhavaya has worked in more than 50 films. He also used to do theater and also worked in non-Hindi films.
During the shooting, the Paralysis Attack, in October 2008, Srivallabh fell into the bathroom of the hotel during the shooting of Bhojpuri film in Rajpipla of Gujarat. Due to a severe head injury, he became unconscious. Immediately after the accident, crew members took them to Vadodara. His head was operated in the hospital there.

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