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Allu Arjun’s Onscreen Girlfriend Is Really Beautiful, You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Her!

Allu Arjun and Sneha married in March 2016 in Hyderabad with great fanfare. During an interview, Allu Arjun said that the first meeting of her and Sneha was done during her friend’s marriage, and then she had a friendship with him. Sneha has received a computer science degree from the US. But today we are here to tell about the potato Arjun’s wife, not about her onscreen girlfriends.

There was also Catherine Tracea in potato Arjun’s film ‘Sarnaidu’. In the film, Katherine Tracea played the role of MLA and Alu had also played the character of Arjun’s girlfriend. Catherine Tracea is also an Indian actress and a model. Catherine Tracea has also worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.

See some more beautiful pictures of Catherine.


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